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I needed loads of white and pink floral compositions for my daughter's wedding. I hired this florist and I can tell that the design created by them was wonderful.
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Affordable florist's compositions and products are available in Earls Court

Your florists from Earls Court are committed to give to everyone the possibility of having a nice garden and delightful home decoration, full of flowers and green plants. Therefore, we provide you with low priced fertilizers, seeds, bulbs, so that you can have the most beautiful garden all year long! Don't spend money in amateurs' services and call upon a professional today. Send us a message, call us or come in our shop!

Thanks to the florist of Earls Court, get professional advice for your garden and all your plants

With a growing interest for organic products and sustainability, our florists have chosen to act in order to protect the environment , but they need your help! Indeed in Earls Court, we propose many alternatives to classic fertilizers, plants and flowers, to protect your garde, your health and ensure your safety while taking care of your outdoors. To avoid bad chemicals and help the soils regenerate, order organic products.

You want to offer a bouquet? Your Earls Court florist will deliver your order

Get to know the Earls Court always-on-the-move florists! In fact, we are one of the few professionals able to do flower delivery at a bargain price! Order as many things as you want, you won't need to bring them home on your own with our brand new service. To make sure the plants stay in a good condition, we will advise you to put them in adapted vases right after the delivery. Many other tips will be given to you depending on the type of product you need.

High Quality

High quality tulips, hyacinths, roses or exotics flowers are available in our shop!

Great tips

Only talented and passionate professionals can advise you on how to maintain your flowers and plants.

Low prices

Get rid of weeds and benefit from our wide range of organic herbicide. Save money and contribute to improve the environment!